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Walking pain free

Hi Jon, I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for, well, everything over the last few weeks – being patient and compassionate while I was in pain, being persistent about finding a solution, being great at your job … For all of these things, I’m grateful. And, after our last session I’m thrilled to say that my hip/lower... Read more »

I was able to get rid of all my symptoms

I started going to see Jon 3 years ago for anxiety symptoms. With regular acupuncture sessions and herbal supplements I was able to get rid of all my symptoms. Acupuncture and herbal supplements have helped me change my lifestyle so that I can better manage my stress. I highly recommend going to see Jon for support in balancing your daily

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Acute Neck Pain Relief

First time acupuncturee to Bull City, was welcomed to a space that is naturally lit, clean, with the feel of an art studio; i.e., something creative is going to happen here. Came in with my stash of tension: neck and shoulder, particularly and painfully acute; hip and lower back, episodic hurting that had become more frequent over previous 6-8 months.

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Pain relief for a ruptured disk

After the surgery they put me in another room where my wife was waiting…. “Did the surgeon see you?” “No. What did he say?” “Well they had a surprise when they opened you up!….that wasn’t there on the June MRI. The disk ruptured and a big chunk lodged itself in the canal!” So they had to remove it and also... Read more »
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