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Acute Neck Pain Relief

First time acupuncturee to Bull City, was welcomed to a space that is naturally lit, clean, with the feel of an art studio; i.e., something creative is going to happen here. Came in with my stash of tension: neck and shoulder, particularly and painfully acute; hip and lower back, episodic hurting that had become more frequent over previous 6-8 months.

Noticeable relief in neck and shoulder after 2 sessions; after 6, more complete relief everywhere.
I recommend Jon E. Walker as a trustworthy, skilled professional who addressed me as a whole, integrated person, engaged my treatment questions honestly and fully, and opened my eyes to self-care that was new to my understanding. I am glad to have Bull City Acupuncture as a resource right here in Durham for myself, a fairly-fit and active, health-conscious 68-year-old, and to recommend to–anyone!
Polly H.
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