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Chronic Knee Pain and unexpected Bonus

Early morning on a Midsummer day, my habitual response to a painful knee joint accelerated into excruciating pain. In shock and fear as I moved my foot a quarter of an inch, I felt intense sharp stabbing sensations in my right knee joint. Thus started a journey that included a suggestion for invasive surgery, incompetent and painful therapy, an option for a steroid shot that might or might not offer relief, and pain medications that potentially offered disastrous side effects if taken long term. Then a friend mentioned her recent acupuncture treatments that eliminated her back pain. Left with few good options, I decided to try Bull City Acupuncture. WOW! Sure am glad I did!

As I improved my diet (mainly reduction of sugar), added a few supplements, and biweekly acupuncture treatments, my painful knee began to heal. Acupuncture, which has become a touchstone of healing for my painful knee, also resulted in an unanticipated bonus! About to turn seventy one, I did not anticipate that the “side effects” of acupuncture would make my digestion woes disappear, increase my energy, and overall, make me feel years younger. I wholeheartedly recommend Jon Walker at Bull City Acupuncture especially if like me, you are unhappy with your medical options!

Jody D.

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