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Helped my insomnia of 25 years

I’m a sixty two year old woman, healthy and physically active. I’ve been dealing with chronic insomnia for over 25 years.

Last fall, after having tried other approaches, I finally decided to try acupuncture. Over the years, I had relied on various pharmaceuticals to help me sleep through the night, and had now been using Ambien nightly for over 15 years. I knew this was a poor choice for sleep, and toxic for my body, but I felt panic at the thought of not getting sleep.

I talked with Jon, and after a very detailed and thorough health history, we agreed on an initial six sessions series to see if acupuncture would make a positive difference. I was somewhat tentative, but desperate!

Within the first week, I noticed an improvement in my sleep pattern. I started to fall asleep faster, waking less often during the night, and falling back asleep more quickly. As our treatments continued, for the first time in years, I was starting to sleep through the night without the regular use of Ambien. I continued to work with Jon for about two and a half months, with a combination of herbs and acupuncture, starting three times a week, then two times a week, and finally once a week.

Now, a month and a half since we finished treatments, I’m sleeping well — usually falling asleep within ten minutes, waking only occasionally, and falling back to sleep easily. I wake up rested and refreshed. As well, my whole body feels energized, my immune system is definitely stronger, and my digestion is great.

Jon is a skilled practitioner, a good listener, and a compassionate person. Good luck to all you insomniacs!

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