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Helped my fatigue

I feel extremely fortunate to be under your care. I had struggled with most of these health issues (feeling cold, night sweats, chronic fatigue, irregular menstrual circles, high blood pressure, poor digestion, dry skin, brittle nails and a lot of other small unexplained issues with pain and mood) for five years prior to seeing you. I saw several doctors who performed expensive tests but came up with nothing or gave me prescriptions that made me feel worse. 

I appreciate your strategies of empowering the patient to help themselves through education and understanding of conditions. I have gained a lot of dietary knowledge, exercises and how to help my fatigue with moxa, these life long approaches continue to help me. 

Your bedside manner of being compassionate and an excellent listener is unparalleled by any medical doctor, naturopath or TCM practitioner I have ever encountered. Your openness to understand that not every case is a textbook case is the reason why you succeeded in helping me where others fell short. Your willingness to do additional research to improve my care has been both moving and humbling. I have personally, experienced care in which patient feedback is dismissed because a treatment that was suppose to work did not. I will forever be grateful to you for not allowing your ego to get in the way of your practice as a caregiver.

Clearly, the modest fees you charge, do not reflect the value of the care I have received from you. I want you to know I appreciate your making healthcare possible for those of us with modest incomes. The difference between you and others, is that, you see your practice as a life mission instead of “just a job”. This is the only way I can explain why during difficult times you have come to my aid in a moments notice when with others I have had to wait weeks to hear back on critical matters.


You have been gracious and generous with your care and I thank you.

With gratitude.


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